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Local Impact Initiatives

In line with our vision of a transformed Afghanistan that is renowned and respected throughout the world, we are committed to actively engage with the changing environment of Afghanistan. We support initiatives that provide sustainable development in strengthening the nation.

We have vision, passion, experience and capability to work with leaders in helping them to create better futures for individuals, organizations, businesses and the wider society.

National as well as local issues impinge significantly upon Rebuild Consultants’ vision and mission. We consciously engage with the issues being expressed in a community marked by both tradition and transition. Our commitment is in the following areas:

  1. The inclusion of the all-important Social & Emotional aspects of education in the national curriculum for Teacher Training. We are researching and developing Afghan specific materials and piloting these in a variety of schools in Kabul.
  1. Promoting the understanding that Diversity opens hearts and minds and should be celebrated as part of Afghanistan’s rich history. Diversity is to be welcomed as a strong building block for the future. This must embrace the Inclusion of Women in all aspects of social, political and corporate life.
  1. The Media Industry to influence content and standards, inspiring positive values
  1. Addressing the ever-present reality of Psychosocial Stressors specific to post-war communities and specific to the Afghan context. Our goal is to promote public awareness of the effects of these stresses and to encourage strategies for empowerment rather than disillusionment.
  1. Promoting genuine Afghan Empirically-based Research to ensure outcomes that produce Afghan-centric successes.
  1. Provision of international benchmark Standards of Management in Afghanistan