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What We Do

We enable passionate people to reach their full potential in achieving the success they are looking for through two different arenas…


  • We deliver, dynamic high-quality management training and knowledge to international standards in the Afghan context
  • We offer consultancy in business setup and management
  • We are committed to practical, sustainable outcomes
  • We assist leadership development through professional coaching


Perhaps you’ve heard about ‘IQ’ (Intelligence Quotient). Equally important – if not more important for life – are ‘EI’ (Emotional Intelligence) and ‘SI’ (Social Intelligence). Our Social & Emotional Education Development programme (SEED) has been developed carefully in Afghanistan over the past 7 years. We have prepared materials and trained both teachers and parents how to develop their children’s intellectual abilities but, most importantly, how to understand themselves and how to relate to all kinds of people and situations.


In all that we do, we aim to produce services that will truly affect the way people think, work and relate. Our solution to achieve this outcome through our training courses has been to invest in ongoing research, in developing teaching tools, in developing our trainers, and investing in the Rebuild team as a whole. This is what makes our training courses distinct from other trainings offered throughout Afghanistan.

RESEARCH –  We take well-established, internationally effective principles of relationship and business management and make them appropriate to Afghan culture. We design our training courses, not only, to instruct – but, also, to help people change their attitudes and to change their behaviour. By doing this, our aim is to create sustainable results rather than merely increased head knowledge and, then, just awarding certificates.

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TEACHING TOOLS People learn best when there are a variety of teaching mediums. We place great emphasis on the quality of our training materials and we make our own professional training videos, with local actors, to enliven and to illustrate our teaching. [Please have a look – below – at a sample of a brief excerpt of one our many videos.] 

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TRAINERS We thoroughly train our trainers for our courses. Our trainers have developed the teaching skills that they need. They are familiar with the concepts and they love being involved with the dynamics of change. Both foreigners and Afghans teach and facilitate our training courses in both English and Dari, and soon in Pashtu.

REBUILD TEAM – Our team takes pride in providing excellence in all aspects of our work. We are committed to running all our courses in a dynamic spirit of excellence. Together, we bring more than 45 years of cross-cultural experience to our Afghan specific training.