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Internship Program

Many highly motivated, talented young Afghan men and women are eager to work but are unable to find jobs because they lack experience and professional expertise.

Rebuild Consultants’ Internship Program was initiated in 2016 to provide opportunities for these young people to gain skills for entering the job market and the experience required by employers before they will offer employment.Zabi.JPG[2016]

We provide expert, on-the-job training and mentorship for skilled and talented young people. Our various programs generally last anywhere from one month to one year.

We place our Interns in one of our programs to match their own interests and to increase their own skill capacities. We are committed to ensure that Rebuild Consultants, our partners and our interns benefit equally from this program. It is created to be truly a win-win situation.

1. Work experience:

  • For graduates/students who wish to gain work experience in their field of study
  • During this period, the intern is expected to use the knowledge they have learned in school/university and to put this into practice.

2. Skills Training

  • Practice in daily use of the English language
  • On the job training in one of our programs

a. LEAD = Leadership Empowerment in Afghan DevelopmentSEEDTeachrTrainng.JPG[2016]

b. SEED = Social & Emotional Education Development

c. CREATE = Creative Resources Enabling Afghan Training Expertise

i. Teaching resources for Early Learning Centers

ii. Publications [Please see our book of present-day remarkable stories of Afghan men and women – ‘Hope In Afghanistan’]

– Newsletter and brochure design and production [including use of ‘Mail Chimp’]

– Booklet design, production and marketing

iii.Video production – for more information on this, follow the link Video production

Our interns benefit from:

  1. Practical experience that adds to their theoretical training
  2. Opportunity to work in a professional business environment that develops skills in leadership, management, administration, product development and marketing
  3. Working with our Teachers, and those on our team who work with young children, giving the Intern opportunity to be trained in developing the Social and Emotional Intelligence of young children
  4. First-hand experience of Active Participatory Learning through our Early Learning Centers
  5. The opportunity to gain experience in developing educational materials for Early Learning Centers
  6. The opportunity to work in an environment that allows them a better understanding of themselves as well as to become better acquainted with the kind of work that best matches their skills
  7. Discovery of competencies, capacities and skills that are further needed and from encouragement to take steps to gain these competencies
  8. Regular supervision and feedback

Rebuild Consultants benefits from:

  1. Motivated interns who complement our workforce
  2. Low cost labor to offset the expense of training
  3. Increased productivity through the advantage of additional short-term support
  4. New perspectives, fresh ideas and specialized skill sets

Afghanistan benefits from:

Corporate Social Responsibility: enhancing the Afghan workforce as a whole while supporting, and capacity building in, young people in their quest to find jobs in the business world