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Organizational Development


Business Startup Numbers of energized people have approached us who have attempted to start small businesses in Afghanistan only to find that the business was not sustainable and failed for one reason or another.

We have been able to help young gifted entrepreneurs by coaching them through the vital, initial, focal planning process of establishing such things as:

  • Values
  • Vision
  • Non-negotiables
  • Writing their Mission Statement
  • Niche Products and Services
  • Client focus
  • Marketing & Sales

Operational Development
 We, at Rebuild Consultants have been called upon to help specific departments within organizations to resolve their internal challenges. Through the use of focus groups and personal interviews within an organization, we have been able to work with managers and executives to develop better employee engagement through such dynamics as:1122

  • Increasing levels of inter-personal trust among employees
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and commitment
  • Confronting, instead of neglecting, problems
  • Managing conflict
  • Developing the skills for problem solving among employees rather than always referring up to management
  • Fostering employee buy-in to corporate vision, mission and employee engagement
  • Planning, scheduling, budgeting and time management
  • Mentoring and succession planning