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Social & Emotional Education Development

Everyone wants to be intelligent and to have intelligent children!

Perhaps you’ve heard about ‘IQ’ (Intelligence Quotient).  Equally important, if not more important for life, is ‘EI’ (Emotional Intelligence) and ‘SI’ (Social Intelligence).

StairwyTo'ELC'[May2016][EmailVersn]Our Social & Emotional Education Development (SEED) program has been developed carefully in Afghanistan over the past 7 years. We have prepared materials and trained both teachers and parents how to develop their children’s intellectual abilities but, most importantly, how to understand themselves and how to relate to all kinds of people and situations.

Our ‘Rebuild Early Learning Center’ELCClassrm[July2016]

As parents, we all want to do everything we can to help our children be successful in school and in life. But it can be difficult to know exactly how to help them! Our ‘Mother and Toddler’ class enables mothers to spend time with their children, learning through play, how they can help their babies up to 3 years old to develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. The children love it too!

As teachers we want to give the children we teach the very best education – but, sometimes, it seems an impossible task! Our SEED Teacher Training Program gives teachers a new approach to learning: Active Participatory Learning.

 Children love to learn!

  • ELC[2][July2016]This new approach helps children learn in the best possible way
  • It supports children’s own interests and choices
  • We teach both teachers and parents how to support their children through play-based learning
  • Research has shown that children who are taught in this way from a very young age, do better at school, are more likely to go on to higher education, to get better jobs, better salaries, have more successful family and friendship relationships

Our ‘Early Learners’ curriculum

We have a comprehensive curriculum that addresses key areas of learning for 4 to 7 year olds. These include…..

  1. Personal, social and emotional development – how children can grow in confidence and build healthy relationships
  2. Communication, language and literacy – in both Dari and English
  3. Mathematical development
  4. Knowledge & understanding of the world around them
  5. Creative arts
  6. Physical development and health


We deliver a range of learning experiences of the highest quality that take into account each child’s individual needs and achievements. Well planned play is an essential way in which children progress and we regularly monitor and assess their progress.



Children are Afghanistan’s future and her treasure!