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HopInAfghanstnBooksAll too often, those who are in the depths of extreme adversity lose hope and even become embittered with their plight.

We have been researching the stories of Afghan men and women of different ages and different ethnic backgrounds who have courageously turned their extreme adversity into courageous acts of service to others. We have met, interviewed and verified nearly 40 of these people who have told us their stories. They are, now, part of a growing tsunami of hope that is arising in Afghanistan for the country’s social, emotional, cultural and economic transformation.

Our first book has now been published in Afghanistan and is the first 11 of these stories.

The book is available in Dari, Pashto and in English.

Our purpose in publishing this book is…..

  1. To inspire hope in those who are, similarly, in danger of losing hope in their country following their own personal tragedy and adversity and
  2. To send a different message to those around the world who are fed by the media only stories of the dysfunctional aspects of this country

You can buy  ‘Hope In Afghanistan  from…..

For Organizations:  –    Rahmat Publications,

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For Individuals:   – Meli Market, Pul-e Surkh, Kabul

– Saadat Bookshop, Women’s Garden Square, Kabul