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Technology, English and Creative Arts Club

For 7 to 12 year olds

Children love to learn! Children are natural, active learners!

Our TECA club is a flexible programme designed to give children the opportunity to learn and develop tIMG_3423heir abilities. Here they have opportunity to pursue their natural curiosity, their creativity and love of learning through ‘trying things out’.

In our rapidly changing world children need to develop the skills and attitude that help them apply their learning to real life situations and to solve the problems they face.

The TECA club provides the environment for children to have a lot of fun while they develop their creativity, learn computer skills such as animation, enjoy science and technology, all while learning English.

In addition, and just as importantly, the TECA staff activity engage with each child to develop Social and Emotional Intelligence. This enables children to establish positive relationships, responsible decision-making, care and understanding of others and the environment.

The TECA programme is an ‘after-school’club provides flexibility for children finishing their school day. The curriculum includes time for children to do their school homework with supervision from the staff.

Please contact us for more details:IMG_3426

Phone: 0794762170

Club times: 1-5 PM

Days: From Sunday to Wednesday