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Teacher Training

ELCTeachrT[May2016][EmailVersn]In line with our vision of a transformed Afghanistan that is renowned and respected throughout the world, we are committed to actively engage with teachers, parents and children. Parents and teachers are the key to the emerging generation of children. Afghanistan’s children will become the deciding factor in determining Afghanistan’s future.

Children are Afghanistan’s treasure and Afghanistan’s future!

We, at Rebuild Consultants, know the huge importance of Social & Emotional Education and would like to see this vital ingredient interwoven into the Education system in Afghanistan. But the convincing benefit of Social & Emotional Education for the well-being of Afghanistan’s future economic, social and cultural success and well-being needs to be seen by educationists and policy makers in Afghanistan in a tangibly proven form if it is to be incorporated into the curriculum for training Teachers and in Teacher Training.

TeachrsTrainngCours[March2013][14]It is to this end that Rebuild Consultants has launched its Early Learning Center as a visual, tangible, proven prototype to demonstrate the value of Active Participatory Learning which allows children to learn all essential subjects through participation [and, in the case of pre-school children, through play]. This is to generate data and tangible evidence of the grater effectiveness of this kind of learning as compared with rote learning and a mere memorisation methodology.

To this end, Rebuild Consultants has [for the past 7 years] been running trainings for numbers of Teachers in innovative skills that have not yet been readily available in Afghanistan.

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