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Our team

Our team takes pride in providing excellence in all aspects of our work. We value our local partnerships who align with the same vision – the vision of a transformed Afghanistan that becomes respected throughout world. Together, we bring many years of cross-cultural experience to our Afghan specific training and consultancy services.

Management Team

Peter Reynolds, BSc[Hons]Soc. [UK] – President


Born in Ceylon and raised in Jamaica, Chile and the UK. Peter has a Sociology background and was employed in both the corporate sector and in local government before going on to found and direct several non-government organizations over more than 40 years. Throughout that time Peter has been involved in pioneering and running skills training programs and has served on a number of Advisory and Management Boards in both the statutory and non-government sectors.


Barbie Reynolds, BSc[Hons]Soc., MPhil, PGCCB, CPC, EL-I [All gained in the UK]  Managing Director and Vice-President  

BarbieBorn in Singapore and raised in India, Pakistan and Nepal. Barbie first worked in Afghanistan in 1967 as a teacher before continuing higher education in the UK. In the UK, she pioneered, wrote and developed both government and non-government funded skills training programs. Barbie completed research gaining [UK] post-graduate qualifications from Bristol University in Asian Marriage in Britain and from Middlesex University for creating and running Childhood Bereavement Services. Barbie brings to Afghanistan many years of expertise in training trainers. She is, also, a Certified Professional Coach and Master Leadership Practitioner [with Internationally accredited qualifications].


Halima Hussaini – Senior Trainer and Head of ‘SEED’ [‘Social & Emotional Education Development’]

Halima has a background in journalism including training journalists and developing curricula for them. Halima has many years of experience in training, law, leadership, Islamic studies and Halima speaks internationally on such issues. As a writer she has written extensively on political and social issues. Along with her husband, Halima has pioneered, founded and runs both a school and an NGO. The NGO providing different programs to equip and build capacity in educated Afghan women.



Faye Hall, BSc., MSc.- Business Development

Faye Hall is an entrepreneur who started three successful companiewebs in the USA which continue to thrive -‘Build It’, ‘Code It’ and ‘Fresh Fire Grill’. Before that, she worked in Silicon Valley in the high tech industry for 15 years. Faye was at the epicentre of launching ‘Sprint’s wireless service. She was the lead engineer that transformed eBay from single router to a massive server farm during eBay’s intense early growth and she holds a US patent in network system design. Faye holds both master and bachelor degrees in Computer Science from the University of Kansas. She was born in China, and studied at the top medical school in China before she found her love of technology.


Faqir Mohammad Fakher  –  Administrative Officer


Faqir Mohammad is an undergraduate in business from Gharjistan Institute of Higher Education. Faqer Mohammad is Rebuild Consultants longest standing employee and is responsible for Rebuild Consultants’ bookkeeping, payment of taxes, logistics, liaison with Government Ministries and general administration.




Lida Akbarpour [‘Baran’], BA (Sociology and Radiology)  Early Learning Center Coordinator

Lida Akbarpour (Baran)Lida graduated top of her class from Ibna-sina University. Before joining the Rebuild Team, Lida worked both in sociological research and as a teacher. For Rebuild Consultants, Lida has researched and compiled a book of stories of remarkable Afghan men and women who have triumphed over personal adversity – stories of hope in Afghanistan. Lida coordinates the teacher training program and the activities of the Early Learning Center.


Consultants [Ex-Officio]


Handel Reginald, BCom, MA[UK] – Media Consultant


Handel is from South India and completed his education in the UK where he gained a Master’s degree in Film and TV Production. Handel is an experienced videographer and film editor and has made many training videos in Dari for Rebuild Consultants using Afghan actors. He has much experience in India making documentaries and was the editor for an Indian weekly TV program that regularly reached more than 6 million viewers.


S. Mohammad Mohaqqeq, BA, MA – Cultural Consultant

Prof. MohaqqeqProfessor Mohaqqeq earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees in English Language and Literature and in Translation Studies respectively from Allameh University [Tehran] prior to being a Fulbright Sociology fellow in Southern Illinois and a Central European University research fellow in Budapest. Professor Mohaqqaq is known for his two published works, Religion and National Identity in Afghanistan and Collective Hopefulness and Individual Hopelessness. Professor Mohaqqaq has worked as a member of an international group for developing a Guideline for Doing Oral History in a Conflict/Post-Conflict Situation with Columbia University [New York] and the Hollings Center [USA]. Professor Mohaqqaq is, also, an active Research, Leadership and Management Trainer as well as a Translation Methodology Trainer.   


Zahra Reza Farman, BA[Eng.Lit.] – Translation and Training Consultant

IMG_0362Zahra graduated from Kabul University and has built her career on her excellent language skills and her first rate organizational ability. Zahra has worked in a number of training posts [Teachers Association, Geo-Science and Medical Faculties] before going on to manage a construction management course for a USAID-funded scheme. Zahra was Rebuild Consultants’ very effective Trainer and Office Manager until she went on to have and raise her own family. Zahra continues to assist Rebuild Consultants with the complexities of translation.


Habibullah Rezaee, BA[Law] – Interpreter and Training Facilitator

Habibullah Rezaee

Habibullah is currently studying his master degree in Law (Criminal Law and Criminology) at one of the private universities, in Kabul. He is employed freelance as an English teacher at private universities, colleges, English language centres and schools. Habibullah has experience as a ‘community and liaison assistant’ in UNOPS and is, himself, a graduate of many of Rebuild Consultants own training courses. He has also experience as translator/interpreter with some other national and international organizations such as Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), Physicians for Human Rights, PHR, Serve and others. Habibullah has an excellent command of the English language and he makes a strong contribution to our team in translation, interpretation and facilitating Rebuild Consultants’ various training courses. Habibullah is also trained and has experience in assisting with Rebuild Consultants Traumatic Incident Stress debriefing service.


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