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Islamic Child-Focused Learning (ICFL) Schools

Since 2009 Rebuild has been researching and testing pedagogies appropriate for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – Rebuild has been researching Islamic methods of teaching that can be applied to give quality education for Afghan children’s future.

Our staff and Islamic experts have researched and confirmed that all our training materials augment Islamic values and are consistent with the value-based focus required of good Afghan citizens of the future.

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How does the ICFL approach work?

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What do the children learn?

We have learned that training individual teachers is not an effective approach for providing quality education in Afghanistan. The whole culture of the school, from the Head Teacher, the teaching staff and the ancillary staff must embrace a child-focused learning approach.

To achieve our vision of a transformed Afghanistan, we are committed to actively engage with whole school, with their management, with their teachers, with parents, with children and with young people.

Parents and teachers are the key to the emerging generation of children and young people, who in turn, will become the deciding factor in determining Afghanistan’s future.

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Our Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy focuses on enabling each child to reach their potential in the Afghanistan that THEY will grow up in.

Our Educational Philosophy includes:
  1. A child-focused approachprioritising every child’s learning needs which empowers each child to discover who they are so that they can become their best selves
  2. Play-based learning – this includes digital play, active play, creative play, social play, and free play. All of these develop children’s knowledge, develop their skills, develop their values and develop their attitudes – These become the motivation for the children to grow into being life-long learners
  3. A team-approach to early childhood education – teachers working in team with parents and with the community
  4. Special focus on emotional and social skills – EQ and SQ are greater indicators of children’s’ success in life than IQ alone
  5. Mixed age teaching – children learn alongside others of different ages, both helping and learning from others
  6. Quality play and teaching time outside/outdoors – we aim for 50% of learning to take place outside
  7. Respect for adults and children alike – respect is a high value in Afghan culture and our teachers learn how to treat children with the same respect that is expected of adults
Our Educational Philosophy includes:
  1. Head Teacher Training – what will it mean to be an ICFL school? The costs and benefits.
  2. Admin and Management Training for Schools – how is the admin and management different in an ICFL school? What will be expected?
  3. Teacher Training – 2 Modules of training:
    • Social and Emotional Education
    • Active Participatory Learning
  4. Hamiyar Classroom Support – this is provided after teachers who have completed each Teacher Training Module. A member of the Hamiyar Support Team will actively engages with the teachers in their classrooms for the practical implementation of what the teachers have learned in the Teacher Training Modules.
The Skills Required of a I-CFL Teacher
  • Assessing each student’s strengths and abilities
  • Creative in designing activities that support the national curriculum
  • Good communication with different aged children and adults
  • Managing multiple abilities in the same class
  • Creating activities for different abilities
  • Understanding the emotional needs of different students
  • Ability to train children in social intelligence
  • Knowing about the culture and environment in which the children are living
  • Matching the activities to the children’s needs
  • Time management