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Rebuild Management Training and Mentoring

Successful management requires a complex, interconnected set of skills.

One of Rebuild’s most important contributions to developing new managers is giving them opportunities to develop key management skills, empowering them to take charge of their professional development, and providing chances for them to apply what they have learned.

Booking Your Training

Before any of our training we assess with our clients exactly what their current needs are, what results they are looking for and how will they know the results they look for have been achieved.

We then design a bespoke training to specifically meet your specific needs. We work with you to plan times and to work out a schedule that works for you and that delivers the results you are looking for.

All Rebuild Training is Modular, with classes taking place either in the Rebuild Centre or in Client venues.

Each module of training is supplemented by practical application on site (at the client’s office) or at internships set-up appropriately, by Rebuild.

// Leadership & Management

Our Methodology

Our training is normally designed for groups of people from one organisation. This enables colleagues to work together on their specific issues and specific challenges and to support each other when they return to work.

Our methodology includes small group discussion, pair work, training games, peer coaching, video clips, brainstorming, case studies, quizzes, and questionnaires.

Rebuild’s Management Training for your organisation, can include any of the following:

1) Admin and Management Skills
2) Project Management

A project has a beginning and an end – It is unlike a programme which is on-going.

This training helps trainees identify the processes required to make sure that all the elements of a project will ultimately be coordinated towards achieving the specific desired project outcome. These include:

3) Time Management

Managing your time is leading your life.

This training helps individuals and helps departments align their activities with what they are wanting to achieve.

4) Effective Supervision – Empowering Others

Motivating your workforce to grow and to succeed in an unstable environment

5) Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving

Life is full of problems! The key is to find the great opportunity that each problem offers us!

This training helps leaders, managers, and employees to make good decisions and to take steps to solve problems that bring positive change.

By the end of this training participants will are able to:

Leadership Workshops

Managers manage things. Leaders lead people!

To be a good leader of people, a leader must first know where they themselves are going so that others can follow.

Rebuild offers 3 different coaching workshops for people who are in leadership positions and for people who want to increase their effectiveness in leading others.

  1. The Essential Talents of a Leader – and how to develop them
  2. Public Speaking for Professionals
  3. Systems Thinking for Leaders in a World of Chaos

Flexible initiatives will involve:

Leadership Programmes committed to:

  1. Shared vision
  2. Shared values
  3. A systems thinking approach
  4. Team learning
  5. Personal as well as organizational growth
  6. Training and empowering others to bring about change

(Adapted from Peter Senge’s 5 Disciplines of a Learning Organisation)