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Pishgaman: School of Life

Pishgaman High School was established in Kabul city in 2008. So far, hundreds of young people have been educated in this school. Peshgaman is committed to providing quality educational services in order to achieve the goals of human life.

The students here will be educated as healthy, responsible and questioning citizens so that with the spirit of cooperation and understanding of what they have learned, they can be a source of service for the Afghans in every part of Afghanistan.

Peshgaman is proud to be one of the initiators of the Islamic Child Focused Learning (ICFL) in Afghanistan since 2019. In this system, the educational process focuses on every student and helps them to grow emotionally, socially, and skilfully.

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Our Dream

The transformation of the country’s traditional education system into a modern education system

Our Vision

We seek to educate healthy, responsible, questioning and capable citizens.

Our Educational Philosophy:

Our educational philosophy focuses on enabling each child to reach their potential in the Afghanistan that they will grow up in.

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Our Educational Philosophy includes:

  1. A child-focused approach – prioritising every child’s learning needs which empowers each child to discover who they are so that they can become their best selves
  2. Play-based learning – this includes digital play, active play, creative play, social play, and free play. All of these develop children’s knowledge, develop their skills, develop their values and develop their attitudes – These become the motivation for the children to grow into being life-long learners
  3. A team-approach to early childhood education – teachers working in team with parents and with the community
  4. Special focus on emotional and social skills – EQ and SQ are greater indicators of children’s’ success in life than IQ alone
  5. Mixed age teaching – children learn alongside others of different ages, both helping and learning from others
  6. Learning outside/outdoors – we aim that our students learn from school and other social environments.
  7. Respect for adults and children alike – respect is a high value in Afghan culture and our teachers learn how to treat children with the same respect that is expected of adults
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Our Mission:

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Our Values

Peshgaman’s values are not something we put on the wall. All members of our school seek to live by our values every day. These values are the basis of all our conducts; they are the representative and the lantern that show us our way.

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