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Wellness Education

Rebuild’s Wellness Education programme aims to empower and equip individuals to achieve an improved overall wellbeing. Physical, mental, social, and emotional health are all essential for a person to achieve their full potential. However, it is easy to prioritise other things ahead of those and to create unnecessary stress. Rebuild currently has specific services for both traumatic stress and chronic stress.

// Wellness Education

Incident Debriefing

This is a structured form of debriefing for those who have experienced a potentially, life-threatening event in Afghanistan.

Our staff know the Afghan context and bring that understanding to each session.

Incident Debriefing is not counselling, but rather an opportunity soon after an incident to process the experience, to gain perspective and to integrate the story into one’s life. We offer this confidential service to Afghans and expats, for individuals and for groups.

// Wellness Education

Understanding and Managing Stress – in the Afghan Context

Not all stress is negative or counterproductive. Without stress, some people wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning!

Our training programme for Understanding & Managing Stress explores essential skills to navigate daily stressors that have a negative impact on your life and on the effectiveness of organizations and teams.

Developing understanding and strategies to handle negative stress improves your life, improves your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, improves your work and improves your relationships.

The effects of negative stress on your body are far reaching. But not everybody recognises those negative effects and not everybody knows how to manage those negative affects in a positive way.

Whether for personal improvement, for better management of your team’s wellbeing or for understanding the effects of stress on your organization, this training is for you and for your managers!

This training includes follow-up sessions to support the implementation of the training, back on the job.

Our goal is that people have the tools they need to achieve increased mental, emotional, and social health and resilience in the face of the chronic stress of life in Afghanistan!

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