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// The world is changing.

Afghanistan is Changing.

At Rebuild our vision is to see Afghanistan transformed into a place renowned and respected throughout the world. We are actively engaging with both the challenges and the unprecedented opportunities.

About Us

Our Vision & Values

Rebuild is an Afghan registered research and training business that has been a provider of quality training services in Afghanistan since 2009.                                  

The founders and owners of Rebuild have a long history with Afghanistan – over 55 years, since the days of King Zaher Shah. The President, Peter Reynolds and his wife, Barbie Reynolds [Rebuild’s CEO] were married in Kabul more than 50 years ago.

Rebuild lost almost its entire staff during the transition of government in 2021, but the owners of Rebuild never left the country in spite of the mass exodus of both Afghans and internationals.

Under the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Rebuild has grown and developed new enterprises with new staff, eager to help and support their country’s future.

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Rebuild’s Dream?

To see a prosperous, healthy, and globally respected Afghanistan

To have prepared young people for the future THEY will live in, IN Afghanistan!

Based on our vision of a transformed, globally respected Afghanistan, Rebuild takes every opportunity to shape positive attitudes towards ethical, value-based behaviour and to empower a new hope-filled culture in all aspects of life.

Rebuild’s Core Values are not something we put on the wall or merely on our website. We seek to live by our values every day. These values are the basis on which we employ our staff, and they are the principles by which we conduct our business day by day.

1. Unconditional Positive Respect

2. Empowerment

3. Integrity and Transparency

4. Excellence

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Our Team

The Rebuild Team of 30 full-time staff, (nearly all new since August 2021), takes pride in providing excellence in all aspects of our research and training. We work together from many different backgrounds, different ethnicities, and different cultures to provide top quality Afghan-specific outcomes.

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Where We Work

Rebuild is based in Kabul, but has worked with organisations in different parts of Afghanistan – We have worked in Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Faizabad, for example.

By 2025 we plan to expand the provision of our services into 4 further zones: North, South, East, West extending out from Kabul.

National as well as local issues impinge significantly upon Rebuild’s vision and mission. We consciously engage with the issues being expressed in the communities with which we work, these being marked by both tradition and transition because of globalisation.

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Leadership and Management

Rebuild, like all in Afghanistan, is operating within a political framework that is in turmoil and a political framework that operates amidst constant uncertainty.


Over many decades, in many countries, on different continents we have observed that the quality of relationships within any organisation, within any department,


Rebuild’s Theory of Successful Change

Rebuild’s Theory of Successful Change

One of Rebuild’s most important contributions to developing new managers is giving them opportunities


Management Training and Mentoring

Management Training and Mentoring

These result in improved team working, greater client satisfaction and higher quality results.


Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and Management Training
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Our CORE Subjects

1- Effective Interpersonal Communication skills
2- Social and Emotional Intelligence Development
3- Resolving Everyday Conflicts - Creating Better Environments
4- Integrity - Being who you really are
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A Friendly Meeting

Conducting Life Skills workshops in two schools simultaneously

Pishgaman and Farzanagan-e-Jawan; ISFL Model Schools

Cnducting ISFL (Islamic Student focus Learning) Workshop

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Contact Us

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.
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Kabul, Afghanistan

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